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Residents and companies in Radomir able to pay taxes and receive certificates from the municipality via e-services


Twelve electronic municipal services are already available to the residents and the companies in Radomir. Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Valery Borissov and the mayor Plamen Aleksiev personally examined how the system works. Among the first users of municipal electronic services in the city was Sylvia Mircheva. She submitted an online application for marital status and made a payment for the service via the Internet.

Radomir, Gabrovo and Bourgas are the three pilot municipalities that are connected to the platform for remote access to administrative services. It was elaborated under the project of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications "Development of administrative services by electronic means".

Initially, the project was launched in Sofia with 50 electronic administrative services. Thanks to the savings during its implementation, the system was improved in cloud infrastructure which to be used by all municipalities in the country. For pilot cities were selected a large municipality - Bourgas, a medium one - Gabrovo and a small one- Radomir.

"The new electronic administrative services can be used by tens of thousands of individuals and companies. Besides the relatively small number of inhabitants of Radomir - just over 15 000, 25 000 more people from other cities own properties in the municipality", said during the presentation Deputy Minister Valery Borissov. He said that electronic services enable remote payment of obligations and receive certificates, as the economic impact can be measured in thousands of BGN.

In the recent years the local administration in Radomir provides over 3500 services per year, as the 5 services of Civil Registration and the 7 services related to "Local taxes and fees" are among the most used, added the Deputy Minister.

The event was hosted by the Mayor Plamen Aleksiev.