Development of Broadband in Republic of Bulgaria

National Strategy for the Development of Broadband Access in the Republic of Bulgaria, setting policy in this regard, approved on 25 November 2009 by the Council of Ministers  (1.05 MB)

Operational Programme "Regional Development", Priority Axis 2, Operation 2.2. "Information and communication networks” (31.5 KB)

Concept for Development and Render for Maintenance and Operation of Regional Broadband Access Networks in Less Urbanized and Rural Areas   (2.3 MB)

Agenda for the Bulgarian Workshop on Public Private Partnership (100.38 KB)

Agenda for the SEERA-EI Open Workshop  (296 KB)

Presentation for the Bulgarian State Policy for Broadband Development  (468.09 KB)


Contact person:

Hristo Hristov - Head of Department "Project Development" IT Directorate,
phone: 359 2 949 2355,

Lachezar Vasilev - Chief expert Communications Directorate,
phone: 359 2 949 2425,




  • Concession of Sofia airport
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  • e-services
  • Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013
  • ITU's 150th Anniversary
  • Development of Broadband in Republic of Bulgaria
  • Digital Agenda for Europe
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