"Information Services" AD presented a system for online issue and booking of train tickets 15.05.2016
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"Information Services" AD presented to the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski a centralized system for issue and booking of tickets in real time. This happened during the official opening of the railway sections Dimitrovgrad - Simeonovgrad, Liubimets - Greek border and railway station Liubimets. The assignment is of "BDZ - Passenger Services" EOOD. The contract was awarded following a tender.

The system will be used by railway stations and offices throughout the country and will allow buying tickets from a conductor in the train. It is absolutely available on-line through the Internet and allows the purchase of tickets anywhere in the world. The platform serves all railway destinations in Bulgaria.

The Centralized platform will replace the current system of tickets issue used by the national railway carrier more than 20 years.

The implementation of this system will improve the quality of the service for booking and purchasing of tickets for traveling by train from customers of the national railway operator.

It presents an opportunity for issuing various types of tickets – a standard ticket for one or more passengers, for a small group, a family ticket, a credit ticket, fines and other; route selection "From - To" with the opportunity of one-way or a round trip; choice of a train / trains; choice of the class of traveling, a reserved seat depending on the preference of the passengers, use of a railway discount card, a voucher for transportation of a bicycle or a pet.

The use of the system will enhance the performance of all employees of the company, allowing reporting of sales and the number of passengers in real time. It meets the requirements of the National Revenue Agency for an integrated automated system for managing business activity and is connected to the NRA directly.

Passengers that get the train at stations and stops without pay desks may purchase a ticket exactly through this system from the conductor in the train. Ticket issue in trains is implemented through a mobile internet connection to the central server. It is performed via a mobile device – a tablet and a mobile printer to print the ticket. All data is stored on a central server and the tablet serves only as a means to access it.

The centralized system allows for control by the conductor on the train. In case of an irregular passenger (without a ticket), through it is issued  a ticket for an irregular passenger or a  ticket for fine regarding the tariffs of "BDZ Passenger Services" EOOD.

Any action by employees who work with this system is recorded and can be traced. The validation of tickets will allow the Internal Control Division of “BDZ Passenger Services” to improve control over the performance of duties of the conductors.

By validation of the tickets in the described manner is accumulated statistical information on the actual number of passengers in all directions.

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