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At an order by the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, 20 students and 4 of their teachers, currently based in Italy, will be transported by the Government Airbus, in accordance with the instructions of the National Operational Headquarters regarding the spread of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus.

The necessary flight organization has been set up, providing the most direct and fastest route of the aircraft by the Air Traffic Services Authorities. The Government Airbus is scheduled to depart from Sofia at 10:00 pm and is scheduled to land at Milan Linate Airport at 10:40 pm (local time).

Assoc. Prof. Dimo Dimov, Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Military Medical Academy, is on board the aircraft. Consul General of Bulgaria in Milan Tanya Dimitrova is in constant contact with the teachers as well as with the team on the government plane.

According to the flight schedule, the aircraft is expected to depart from Milan-Linate Airport at 23:30 (local time) and land at Varna Airport at 02:30 (Bulgarian time).