NBAMRAI In the field of investigation of aviation


In 2020, Decree № 6 of the Council of Ministers of 22 January 2020 was adopted to establish National Board for Aircraft, Maritime and Railway Accident Investigation and to adopt the Rules of procedure on the activity, structure and organization of the National Board for Aircraft, Maritime and Railway Accident Investigation

The National Board for Aircraft, Maritime and Railway Accident Investigation is an independent specialized state body of the Council of Ministers, a separate legal entity under Article 60 of the Act on the Administration, having its headquarters in the city of Sofia and a secondary budget authorizing administrator to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.

The main functions In the field of investigation of aviation events:

Inspectors shall:

  1. perform safety investigation functions, report and publish the results of the investigation with a view to their subsequent prevention;
  2. operate a safety reporting system for aviation events, aviation accidents and incidents;
  3. participate in the work of the established investigation committees;
  4. compile an electronic database of aviation events;
  5. prepare and disseminate information on the investigated aviation events;
  6. analyse the activities of natural and legal persons in the field of aviation and the operation of aircraft, facilities and equipment associated with the occurred event;
  7. shall have the right of access to all aircraft, airports, airfields, airport service equipment, air navigation and other equipment related to the event under investigation in the territory of the country, irrespective of ownership;
  8. require explanations from crew members, from all persons from administrations, aviation operators, airports, air traffic management, and from maintenance organisations, and analyse the performance of aircraft, equipment, facilities and associated flight recorder and service staff;
  9. analyse the information collected on the basis of the occurrences investigated by issuing written prescriptions to ensure flight safety;
  10. keep archive of the investigations carried out.
  • Maintain a system for obligatory and voluntary reporting of aviation events: aviation accidents, serious incidents and incidents;
  • Organize, participate and control the investigation in relation to the safety;
  • Keep records of investigations and maintain an information database for the aviation events;
  • Prepare and disseminate annual analysis and newsletter for aviation events;
  • In safety investigation of aviation events, analyze the actions of individuals and legal entities in the field of aviation and the functioning of the objects and facilities related to the specific event;
  • Collect and analyze data on aviation safety in accordance with Art. 4, paragraph 4 of Regulation (EU) № 996/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010.

The main objectives of the accident investigation and the body responsible for its execution are described in Article 142 of the Civil Aviation Act.

The establishment of the NBAMRAI, including the Chair, 2 Vice-chairs and 8 inspectors carrying out accident investigation activities in the air, maritime and rail transport sectors..

The main tasks In the field of investigation of aviation are:

  1. Investigation of civil aviation accidents and serious incidents and determination of safety recommendations;
  2. Preventive activities to improve the level of flight safety;
  3. Control over the investigation of incidents carried out by aviation organisations.

NBAMRAI participate in the realization of the ECCAIRS (European Co-ordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems) software system - Introduction of a uniform European system for collecting, processing and analysis of data on aviation events