Public Consultations

The call for contributions is part of a legal and technical study on the legal framework to intermediary liability implementing the E-Commerce Directive within the Union's Member States.


Contributions are expected until 31 October 2017.

All interested parties, including governments, public sector content holders and users, commercial and non-commercial re-users, experts and academics as well as citizens are invited to contribute.


You can find the review questionnaire here.

This consultation will help shape the future policy agenda on the European data economy. It will feed into a possible Commission's initiative in 2017 on Building the European Data Economy.


More information and a chance to participate in the consultation can be found here.

This autumn, the European Commission launches a new Initiative on the Next Generation Internet and starts an open consultation to shape the Internet of the future.

Тhe e-IRG Roadmap 2016 is taking up the e-Infrastructure Commons concept and intends to define a clear route how to evolve the European e-Infrastructure system further. The e-IRG Roadmap has recommendations to all stakeholders to progess on the way towards the e-Infrastructure Commons.

The e-IRG Roadmap 2016 is now entering its public consultation phase. We would like to ask you to provide us your valuable feedback.

The European Data Portal (EDP) project covers full set of activities including upgrading of the portal infrastructure and the provision of a series of added value services to accompany the European countries.