Citizen’s centre for information and coordination opened in Ministry of Transport and Communications

Citizen’s centre for information and coordination was opened on December 21, 2005 in the  Ministry of Transport and Communications.

 In this way, an individual approach toward everyone is aimed, as well as improving of the administrative cervices on the principle “one desk”. This change means fundamentally the transformation of the customer’s (citizen’s) needs in administration priority with the following basic aspects:

  • Achievement of higher quality of the administrative service, compared to the existing level;
  • Building of effective organization and improved communication between the  administration and the different  interested parties;
  • Building qualitative clients service culture.

Applications, complains, suggestions from physical and juridical persons will be taken in the new built centre. The prepared documents of the diverse services, offered from the ministry and his administration will be given there. The Unit will ensure both informational and consulting services as well as:

  • Equal, honest, and polite attitude to all customers;
  • Open service with access to full information for all;
  • Consultancy with all interested parties and encouraging of the permanent service process improving;
  • Introducing mechanisms for feedback with the clients;
  • Encouraging the access to services trough different channels;
  • Creating and popularizing of service standards.

With the introducing of the principle “one desk service” all major priorities of the government in the field of the state administration are being fulfilled, namely to:

  • create effective administration, capable to enforce the Bulgarian and the European low;
  • introduce the principal “The administration serves the business, and the business strictly follows the rules;
  • create a system of measures and procedures for prevention of the corruption in the administration;
  • ensure sociability and accessibility of the administration activities.

Citizen’s Centre on the Principle “One Desk”:

Ministry of Transport and Communications
phone: 02/9409 - 640,  02/9409 - 448, 02/9409 - 771

Executive Agency “Maritime Administration”
phone: 02/930 09 29

Executive Agency “Automobile Administration”
phone: 02/930 88 53, 02/930 88 48

Directorate General "Civil Aviation Administration"
phone: 02/937 10 19

Executive Agency “Railway Administration”
phone: 02/ 940 98 95