Final Reports

Архив по години:

On 7 June 2022, at 12:25 p.m., from Vidin station, FT No 7623 departed from the station in composition of 4 passenger coaches V4, 175 tonnes, towed by locomotive No 91520044158-1, driven by a first-person locomotive driver and a second-person locomotive driver, a train crew with head of train and conductor. The train run daily on the TOS in the direction of Vidin-Sofia and is serviced by the railway undertaking for passenger transport BDZ PS EOOD. There were about 60 passengers on the train from the Vidin main station.

On July 26, 2022, at 12:30 p.m., DFT No 30592 departed from Plovdiv station to Iliantsi station. The train was serviced by “Rail Cargo Carrier – Bulgaria” EOOD. The train was running on the route Svilengrad - Plovdiv - Karlovo — Iliantsi, in a composition of 20 wagons loaded with container tanks, types R and S, 80 axles, 1566 tonnes, 387 meters, with train locomotive No 918111161116 and headed No 918111162593.

On 24.03.2022, about 15:30 p.m. in the locomotive depot Plovdiv on a track under a catenary was inoperative for carrying out functional tests of electric locomotive No 91520043309-1 for its commissioning. The tests were carried out in the first cabin of the locomotive in the presence of a locomotive instructor, inspector, repair control and inspection and the organiser of the manufacture and repair of the railway rolling stock. Around 15:45 p.m. without synchronising the actions between the employees in the locomotive cabin, the organizer manufacturing and repair of railway vehicles was found lying in an inadequate state next to the electrical contactor. Information about the accident was immediately submitted to emergency phone number 112. The victim was removed from the locomotive and a doctor’s assistance was performed until the arrival of an automobile of “Emergency Medical Assistance”, which established the time of death was 15:55 p.m.

The locomotive and the staff working in the Locomotive Depot Plovdiv are part of the railway undertaking ‘BDZ-Passenger Services” Ltd.

With reference to the stated above, and pursuant to Article 20(2)(a) and (c) of Directive 2016/798; Article 115k(1)(3) of the Railway Transport Act and Article 78(1) of Ordinance No 59, the member of the Board of the NAMRTAIB with competence to investigate railway accidents and incidents undertakes an investigation of the accident.

On 21.01.2022, at 03:13 a.m. from the eight track in Iliyantsi station, DFT No 20691 departed to Ruse North station. The train has an auxiliary locomotive headed No 91522086001-8 with a locomotive driver first-person and a locomotive driver second-person and train locomotive No 91520085005-4 with a locomotive driver first person, behind it two more locomotives No 91520087025-0, accompanied by a locomotive instructor and locomotive No 91520087009-4 accompanied by a locomotive driver and a composition of 24 wagons, 648 tons. The train departed after a regular exit signal and an order of the traffic manager on-duty in Iliyantsi station.

DFT No 20698 with locomotive No 91522086005-9 and locomotive No 91522086005-9 with a locomotive driver I-person and a locomotive driver II in composition of 10 wagons, 108 tons, at the same time the train departed without an authorised signal in the direction of Pirdop Station was composed on the ninth track in Iliyantsi Station. The train passed the closed exit signal and collided laterally at the front of the locomotive of DFT No 20691 on the railway switch No 39. From the subsequent collision, both locomotives derailed with all the wheelsets to the left and right of the rail track. The freight railway undertaking Bulmarket Rail Cargo EOOD operated the two trains.

Because of the collision, the locomotive staff in both locomotives were not injured. Material damages was caused to the derailed locomotives, the rail track, the catenary, and the signalling equipment.

The movement of the trains on the 8th and 9th tracks and on switch No 39 at Iliyantsi station was restored on 22.01. 2022.

On 14.12.2021 at 14:30 p.m. DFT No 20692 departed from Ruse marshalling yard as per preliminarily prepared plan with a route of traffic Ruse marshalling yard — Gorna Oryahovitsa — Mezdra — Beli Izvor. The train consisted of 24 wagons (empty) series Fals, 96 axles, 585 tonnes towed by locomotive No 91522086004-2. The railway undertaking for freight transport, Bulmarket Rail Cargo EOOD operated the train.

After the departure from Roman station at 21:40 p.m., the traffic manager on duty first person at Mezdra station ordered a route through the RRI for a third free track in deviation. Around 22:00 p.m., DFT No 20692 passed the entrance signal at Mezdra station and the traffic manager on duty, first person opened the exit signal for the passage of the train without stopping on the third track for the Ruska Byala station. The train entered in Mezdra station with a speed of 30 km/h. While accepting the train, the Post switchman on Post 2 noticed that, some of the train’s wagons hit the switch apparatuses of switches No 9 and 11, and then stopped quickly at the station at around 22:03 p.m. After an inspection of the location, it was found that the train was split and five wagons of the train composition had derailed.

Because of the derailment, there were no injured staff from the station and the train. Damages were caused to the derailed five wagons, to the railway track and facilities, and signalling equipment in Mezdra Station.

On 15 and 16 December 2021, after repairs have been carried out on the rail track and signalling equipment, the traffic through Mezdra station on track No 1 and track No 2 from and to Roman station was authorised.

Train No 50215 departed from Sofia station at 22:30 p.m. with route Sofia - Vladaya -Pernik marshalling yard - Pernik. The train was towed by electric locomotive No 91520044098-9 with locomotive crew - locomotive driver first person and locomotive driver second person and transport crew head of train and conductor. The train was operated by railway undertaking for passenger transport, BDZ-Passenger Services Ltd.

The train arrived in Pernik marshalling yard at 23:18 p.m. on the fourth main track and after a stay of one minute it departed at 23:19 p.m. When the train departed, unknown person (passenger) activated the emergency brake, and the train stopped. The traffic manager on-duty on the platform noticed smoke from the last coach No 51522563019-0, the fifth of the train composition. He took a fire extinguisher from the station and headed to the coach. When he opened, the coach door he noticed that thick black smoke was going out and found that the coach was burning and did not enter. The train staff have notified the single emergency telephone 112 of a fire on the passenger train. The voltage’s was switched off at 23:23 p.m. The passengers were evacuated from the train at a safe distance and the coach was detached from the train composition.

At 23:40 p.m., arrived specialised vehicle of FSaCP-Pernik, the fire in the coach was extinguished at 00:20 a.m.
The voltage in the station was switched on at 00:48 a.m. Test D was carried out on PT No 50215 and then it departed at 00:48 a.m. to Pernik station, final destination station of the train.
There was no injured personnel. Damage was caused to the fifth burnt coach.
The train movement through Pernik marshalling yard was not interrupted.

On 31.07.2021 at 15:25 p.m. from Blagoevgrad station departed IT № 50890, consisting of 16 tank wagons empty of light fuels, 64 axles, 329 tons, towed by train diesel locomotive №98520055155-6 and electric locomotive № 97520061003 -1 with locomotive crews of BDZ Cargo Ltd. The route of the train is in the direction Blagoevgrad - Kocherinovo - Boboshevo - Dupnitsa.

At 15:36 p.m. IT № 50890 was accepted at Kocherinovo station on the second main track with a stop. The traffic manager on-duty handed over a traffic order under special conditions "Model II-A" for crossing the Kocherinovo - Boboshevo interstation with limited speed of all trains and vehicles due to the increase in the temperature of the continuously welded rail track from 14:00 p.m. from 80 to 60 km/h.

At 15:37 p.m.  the train left Kocherinovo station with a regular exit signal. During the movement of the train in the interstation Kocherinovo - Boboshevo, about kilometer 107 + 545 the locomotive drivers of the two locomotives felt the locomotives rocking, as the locomotive driver of the leading locomotive № 97520061003-1 stopped the train with the train brake and stopped the train at km 107+500. The locomotive drivers inspected the train and found that the last 5 wagons of the train with №№ 81527852130-8, 337965338-0, 31527852254-7, 31527851994-9, 82527851614-1 derailed to the right in the direction of travel and the rail track was seriously deformed.

There were no injured staff. The five derailed wagons were damaged. The railway infrastructure was also damaged.

The traffic in the interstation Kocherinovo - Boboshevo was interrupted from 15:40 p.m. on 31.07. until 10:50 a.m. on August 1, 2021. The movement of trains in the interstation Boboshevo - Kocherinovo has been restored at a speed of 25 km/h.

International direct freight train (IDFT) No 48041, consisting of 18 wagons, 72 axles, 486 tons, towed by electric locomotive No 91520087023-5 with locomotive crew, departed on 11.06.2021 at 5:30 a.m. The train movement is in the direction of the Republic of Serbia through the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Turkey. With route of movement Dimitrovgrad ZhS — Dragoman — Sofia — Septemvri — Plovdiv — Svilengrad — Kapıkule (TCDD).

On 22.04.2021 at 23:30 p.m. DFT № 90593 departed from Ruse marshalling yard to Belozem station consisting of: 28 wagons, of which 2 security wagons, one at the head and at the end of the train, and 26 tank cars, full with light fuel (petrol), 437 meters, 1831 tons. The train was served by 3 locomotives - headed by an auxiliary locomotive № 92530600685-7, a train locomotive № 91530400605-8 and a pushing auxiliary locomotive № 91520087020-1.