In connection with interpretations in various media on the topic of airport fees at Sofia Airport, the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC) is obliged to submit the following explanation - the amount of airport fees is determined by of the airport operator. Airport operator at Sofia Airport is the company Sofia Airport EAD. The airport fees collected by Sofia Airport EAD are fees for: landing of aircraft; parking; passengers; use of a jetway; security and noise (environmental). Airport charges are cost-oriented and are paid (due) by air carriers (airlines). Before determining the amount of airport fees, the airport operator (Sofia Airport EAD) consults with the users of the airport (airlines). Airlines have the right to appeal the amount of airport fees to the Civil Aviation Administration Directorate General, which is the national independent supervisory authority within the meaning of Directive 2009/12/ EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. For 2021, Sofia Airport EAD has determined the amount of airport fees for 2021. Appeals against the decision have been filed by three airlines - Wizz Air Hungary, Ryanair Designated Activity Company and Bulgaria Air. The complaints are posted on the official website of the Civil Aviation Administration General Directorate. The filing of the complaints means that the decision of Sofia Airport EAD has been implemented yet.

The filing of complaints marks the beginning of proceedings, which take place before the competent authority - DG Civil Aviation Administration. Regarding the filed complaints, DG CAA, in accordance with the law, has issued an interim decision. The interim decision is reasoned and announced on the official website of the Directorate on 11 December 2020. It keeps the amount of airport fees at the last levels of 2020. The interim decision is not subject to appeal and will apply until the final decision enters into force. Both the interim decision-making procedure and the final decision-making procedure, the subject of which is the amount of airport fees, are before the DG CAA. DG CAA is the only competent (authorized by law) authority that has the capacity to rule on the amount of airport fees at Sofia Airport. Bulgarian law clearly defines the competent authority, and it is inadmissible for any other authority, including the Minister, to exert any interference or influence in determining the amount of airport fees at Sofia Airport, as well as to participate in or influence the relevant stages of appeal proceedings or decision-making within or outside the framework of the proceedings.