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Another 63 Bulgarian municipalities have won vouchers for free wireless internet


Sixty-three Bulgarian municipalities have been approved for funding by the European Commission's second free WiFi competition under the WiFi4EU initiative. Thus, 176 local government centers (66% of the total) will create areas for free access to the global network. Fifteen other municipalities are on a reserve list, giving them the chance to be approved at a later stage.

The total amount of funding for the Bulgarian municipalities in the second competition is EUR 945 000.

The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications as the initiative’s national coordinator, congratulates local communities on the enormous interest in the initiative. Due to the quick response, suggestions were made in the first 60 seconds of the opening of the portal.

Municipalities that have not yet registered, as well as those who have failed to obtain a voucher from the two competitions, will be able to do so in the next competition within this year.