BDZ reported increased revenues, a gradual increase in salaries in the company is about to begin

The national railway carrier reported an increase in its revenues for the first quarter of the year. In BDZ - Passenger Transport EOOD the increase in revenues is by 20%, which is a result of the increased number of passengers using railway transport. In BDZ - Freight Transport EOOD the revenue growth is by 10%, which is due to a greater number of executed orders for freight transport and renegotiated tariffs with the company's clients. Steps have been taken to improve the quality of the service offered, related to increasing of the level of comfort and servicing.

At the same time, passenger and freight companies have taken measures to optimize costs, and the actual effect will be reported later this month.

As a result of the better financial results, the management of BDZ envisages a gradual increase in the salaries of the operating personnel. Remuneration will be increased according to criteria related to the personal contribution and commitment of employees to the work process, as well as the results achieved related to better conditions for the transport of passengers and goods.