BULATSA resumed selecting candidates for air traffic controllers

BULATSA Academy resumed the session for participation in the selection for the position of Air Traffic Controller. From today to October 31, those wishing to apply for the profession can submit documents on the official website of BULATSA www.bulatsa.com.

To participate in the selection, candidates must be under the age of 30, possess a University Degree, a minimum Bachelor's Degree (regardless of major), and a good command of English - B2. Anyone who does not have a valid level certificate will be able to take a free test at the BULATSA centers in Sofia, Varna and Burgas. Details of the application can be found on the corporate website.

BULATSA Academy is part of the State Enterprise "Air Traffic Management" and is the only certified in Bulgaria organization for the training of air traffic controllers, in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and applicable national legislation. The training of the approved candidates lasts about a year and a half, and they are provided with a scholarship. Upon successful completion of the course, future air traffic controllers receive certificates of competency that meet established international standards and can begin to practice the profession.

In the last two years, the recruitment of air traffic controllers has been suspended due to a sharp change in air traffic following the COVID - 19 pandemic.

The aviation sector was among the hardest hit by the crisis, but since the beginning of the year, traffic levels have begun to raise at a faster pace than foreseen in the preliminary forecast.