Bulgaria and Romania agreed on a third bridge over the Danube River

Bulgaria and Romania agreed on a third bridge over the Danube River. The infrastructural facility will be constructed at Ruse – Gyurgevo. For this purpose, an agreement will be signed between the two countries. In another document, they will regulate the commitments of the two countries for the implementation of the Fast Danube Project and the creation of a joint company to manage the activities of the project. This was agreed upon by the Deputy Prime Ministers of both countries, Hristo Alexiev and Sorin Grindeanu, at a meeting in Bucharest.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexiev is in the Romanian capital as the Head of the Bulgarian delegation to the Plenipotentiary Conferences in Bucharest of the International Telecommunication Union to the United Nations.

The two agreements with clearly stated tasks and specific deadlines for the implementation of the various stages will be signed as soon as possible.

Hristo Alexiev and Sorin Grindeanu were adamant that the construction of new bridges, the deepening of the Danube River fairway, ferry connectivity and improved border crossings should be considered as one common strategic priority with several projects in it.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexiev also brought up to his colleague the issue of the modernization of the railway section Craiova – Calafat, which is a continuation of the railway line from Danube Bridge 2 in the Romanian territory.

In mid-October, the two Deputy Prime Ministers are planning a joint meeting in Brussels, where they will jointly present a project for financing the next phase of Fast Danube and Danube Bridge 3.

Hristo Alexiev and Sorin Grindeanu confirmed their willingness, in parallel with the agreement reached for Danube Bridge 3, to work on the other projects for the construction of bridges between the two countries, according to the agreement, signed in 2019.