Deputy Minister Anguel Popov: the deployment of workshops register is an important step for improving road safety

The deployment of a registering system for all automotive workshops is an important step towards improving road safety, announced the Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Anguel Popov during the discussions of the draft Road Traffic Act, Motor Vehicle Drivers Act and Road Vehicles Act.

In his words, the change is laid in the draft of the new Road Vehicles Act, which regulates the requirements for road vehicles, the conditions and procedure for their approval, registration and roadworthiness, as well as the rules according to which the technical authorities and checkpoints will operate.

Deputy Minister Anguel Popov pointed out that a public register of workshops will be established with detailed information on the location, the employees and their qualification, as the workshops are expected to provide a minimum guarantee for the repairs carried out.

"At the same time, the register of technical inspections will be upgraded, creating an electronic technical passport in which the workshops and technical checkpoints will note down all repairs, technical inspections, design changes and registered accidents. This will allow us to track the real condition of every car", said Anguel Popov. He added that the requirements for car deals and transfer of ownership are thoroughly outlined in the Act as well as the introduction of a registration regime for the sale of new or second-hand spare parts.

"The aim of these changes is not to close down workshops, but everyone to come to light and work under the same rules and control, which will lead to clearer regulation of the sector and reduce unfair competition", said Anguel Popov.

The legislative proposal also provides for all buses operating long-distance transportations of more than 30 km to be equipped with safety seat belts for passengers. "At the moment, the requirement is for passengers to wear belts only if they are available on the bus, but we believe that the belts are extremely important for safety and that it is necessary for all buses to be equipped with such belts", said Anguel Popov.

Regarding the texts in the new Motor Vehicle Drivers Act, Deputy Minister Anguel Popov announced that the procedure for extending the validity of the training permits for the driver candidates is facilitated. He stated that the number of questions will be reduced in the theoretical exam, while including interactive videos to assess the candidates’ response. There will be a legal basis for appeal and change of the results in the practical exam.

Control over psychological labs is increased by introducing a 5-year registration deadline, with the intention of restricting the activity of psychologists who commit violations.

A public consultation on the drafts of the three laws starts as of today. After reviewing all submitted proposals, the acts will be officially published for public discussion. The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications will examine any proposals from branch organizations in order to achieve the greatest possible effect and public consensus on the amendments in legislation.