Deputy Minister Dimitar Genovski awarded the winner in category “Telecom” in the rank “ICT Top 100”

Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Dimitar Genovski awarded the big prize in the category “Telecom” of the rank “ICT Top 100”. The event was organized by ICT media and Computerworld newspaper.

The winner of 2016 category is “Vivacom”, which reported the highest revenues in the sector.

“All ICT companies are partners for the team of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications,” said Deputy Minister Genovski during the ceremony. In his words, MTITC has always pursued a balanced policy of both protecting the telecommunication services consumers’ rights as well as protecting the service providers’ interests.

Deputy Minister Dimitar Genovski also said that the cooperation between the state and the business is of great importance at a time when six months remain until the First Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.