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Deputy Minister Dimitar Genovski meets ITU Secretary General


Bulgaria’s efforts towards the inclusion of the Western Balkans in EU digital policy are among the country’s contribution to encourage international cooperation. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Dimitar Genovski at his meeting with the Secretary General of the International Telecommunications Union Houlin Zhao. The talks were held within the framework of  the annual session of ITU Council in Geneva.

In his words promoting broadband access for everyone, high-speed cross-border connectivity and gradual reduction of roaming services fees in the countries of the Western Balkans, is a specific example of the active use of technologies for improvement of quality of life.

During the meeting Houlin Zhao acknowledged Bulgaria’s active participation and contribution to ITU activities, especially in the development of telecommunications and small and medium-sized enterprises in the ICT sector. The Secretary General will visit Sofia on 28 April on the occasion of the International Girls in ICT Day. In his words, the event grows ever more significant as it is part of the joint initiatives of the ITU and the European Commission. In that respect, he highlighted Bulgaria’s leading role in the number of women employed in the ICT sector not only in Europe but also on a worldwide scale.

Mr. Zhao also stated his support and confidence in the success of the Bulgarian candidacy for reelection for ITU Council member.