Deputy Minister Dimitar Nedyalkov chairs a meeting to ease traffic on the Danube Bridge in Ruse

The Bulgarian and Romanian authorities start an on-the-spot review of all procedures related to the crossing of the Danube Bridge in Ruse. A joint visit to the bridge is to be organised next week by all the institutions involved on both sides responsible for the crossing and traffic control.  This was agreed by the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Dimitar Nedyalkov and his Romanian counterpart Constantin Bunduk during a videoconference call. Representatives of the Customs Agency, Border Police Directorate General, Road Infrastructure Agency and the same institutions from the Romanian side also participated in the meeting.

The purpose of the joint visit to the bridge is to follow the whole process from waiting before the border crossing, measuring the truck loads, counting the tolls to their payment. The metrology services will exchange information on the certificates of cargo measuring instruments and the international standards they comply with.

During the meeting the options for reducing the waiting time in the area of the Giurgiu-Ruse bridge were discussed. The aim was to take concrete measures for effective traffic management. The two sides are currently analysing the possibility of online payment of the bridge tolls for cars.

Deputy Minister Dimitar Nedyalkov pointed out that it is necessary to have clear deadlines for the commissioning of the Ruse — Giurgiu ferry. ‘This is a measure guaranteed to ease traffic,’ he said. The deputy minister recalled that the Bulgarian side had fulfilled all the commitments for the launch of the line.