Deputy Minister Dimitar Nedyalkov discussed current issues in road freight transport with industry representatives

Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Dimitar Nedyalkov met with representatives of the Association ‘I Have a Truck’. During the talks current issues in the field of road freight transport were discussed, related to the toll system and problems in crossing the two bridges over the Danube. The measures taken so far and the possibilities to facilitate the passage of trucks through the border crossing points were discussed.

‘It is important for us to seek effective solutions to all problems in dialogue with the industry. The freight sector is essential for the development of the Bulgarian economy,’ Deputy Minister Dimitar Nedyalkov said. He added that the necessary efforts are being made to find a balance between small, medium and large businesses so that Bulgarian carriers are competitive on the European and regional market.

The participants in the meeting agreed to continue the discussions on the issues raised in an expanded format, for which purpose representatives of other responsible institutions and industry organizations will be invited.