Deputy Minister Dimitar Nedyalkov participated in a discussion on road safety with students from a school in the capital

Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Dimitar Nedyalkov participated in a discussion on road safety at 132 Vanya Voynova Secondary School in Sofia. He briefed the students present on the main requirements related to the training of driver candidates, paying special attention to the compulsory elements in the practical training.

‘Be confident, calm and above all responsible on the road. Everyone's behaviour depends on protecting the lives and health of all road users. This is important because human life has no price’, Deputy Minister Dimitar Nedyalkov stressed. He was adamant that training is essential to build the right habits and behaviour on the road so that new drivers, when they go on the road as full participants in the traffic, respect the rules and do not cause risky situations.

The discussion also focused on driving after the use of alcohol and intoxicants. With the use of special goggles, students had the opportunity to learn about the negative effects of their use.

‘The campaign was launched last year by 78 Hristo Smirnenski School in Bankya, in memory of Stefan Stefanov, who died in a freak road accident. So far, we have held discussions in 5 schools and we plan to expand the campaign to more schools’, said the organizer of the initiative Krasimira Manolova, Chair of the Stefan Stefanov Foundation — PMS — All Together for One.

The event was attended by students from grades 11 and 12, representatives of the municipal government, NGOs and the school management.