Deputy Minister Natova: In half a century, BMTC has trained 500,000 seafarers

The Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre now has up-to-date equipment for the practical training of seafarers in firefighting. So far, such a system has not been used in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. Its presentation today in Varna was attended by the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Anna Mihneva-Natova.

‘In July this year the Bulgarian Maritime Trainig Centre will celebrate its 50th anniversary. For half a century more than 500 thousand seafarers have been trained here, and last year alone they were more than 3,300 people,’ Deputy Minister Natova pointed out. She added that the good facilities and professionalism of the teachers at BMTC attracted companies from countries such as the UK, Singapore and Cyprus.

 ‘We are grateful to the company VIKING, which donates the equipment for survival and saving lives during an accident at sea. It will be used to conduct practical courses and training for seafarers,’ BMTC Executive Director Capt. Dencho Dobrev said. The new accessories include 16 sets of firefighting clothing, 20 thermal suits, 6 life rafts, 15 life jackets and a unique HydroPen container firefighting system.

Fires are one of the most dangerous vessel incidents and their number has been increasing in recent years. ‘The new system can be used to extinguish fires both on board ships and in ports. The advantage is the great efficiency in extinguishing various fires in containers, with minimal risk to people,’Deputy Minister Natova explained.