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Deputy Minister Neli Andreeva: Construction of railway projects worth over BGN 930 million begins

Deputy Minister Neli Andreeva opens a meeting of the Monitoring Committee of OPTTI 2014-2020

We start an active phase of construction of railway projects worth over BGN 930 million. This is what the Caretaker Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Neli Andreeva stated at the opening of a meeting of the Monitoring Committee of Operational Program on Transport and Transport Infrastructure (OPPTI) 2014-2020.

"The modernization of the railway sections Orizovo-Mihailovo and Elin Pelin-Vakarel begins, as well as the construction of signaling and telecommunication systems on the railway line Plovdiv-Burgas," added Deputy Minister Andreeva. According to her, the reconstruction of Nova Zagora station complex will also start in a couple of days.

"In the field of road construction, the building of the Struma Motorway in the section from Blagoevgrad to Krupnik, which also includes the Zheleznitsa tunnel, is progressing. We are also working on the implementation of measures to mitigate the impact on the environment from the future construction of Lot 3.2 of the highway", Neli Andreeva added.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that significant progress was reported in the projects in the water sector and added that by the end of the year the new dredging equipment would be delivered in Ruse, the Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River being the owner.

The Head of the Managing Authority of the Operational Program on Transport and Transport Infrastructure (OPPTI) 2014-2020 Galina Vassileva reported that the funds disbursed under the program were approximately BGN 2 billion, and the agreed financial source amounted to BGN 3.2 billion.

Vassileva explained that after an amendment to OPTTI 2014-2020, the section from Dragoman to Sofia on the Europa Motorway was included in the program for funding. The changes also concerned the reduction of the scope of the project for modernization of the railway line Elin Pelin - Kostenets and inclusion of two new projects in the railway sector - "Modernization of the section Voluyak-Dragoman" and "Modernization of traction substations Varna and Razgrad and construction of traction substation Ruse and the introduction of SCADA".