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Deputy Minister Valeriy Borissov: We should not ask ourselves whether cyber attacks will occur, but when and how prepared we are

Компютърно подпомаганото учение MT CybEx

"For the cyber threats we should talk openly, not sweep them under the rug and  try to cope with them only by our own efforts." With these words, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Valery Borissov addressed the participants and the observers in the computer assisted training MT CybEx.

Cyber security is becoming an essential part of national security, said Deputy Minister Borissov. He gave as an example the big collapse on the Internet a few days ago, which was caused by massive cyber attack on the US East Coast. "The bad guys were able to download 60 percent of the Internet resources. It is an illusion that Bulgaria as a country will be passed.", said Valery Borissov.

According to the Deputy Minister, the first challenge facing the country is its human potential and today's exercise will contribute to the preparation of the administration. The second is the personal cyber hygiene, he added. "It is very important that people from the administration have an accurate estimate on what files they send and open", said Valery Borissov.
The more open we talk on the cyber threats, the more profound we will be in terms of the challenges that we should overcome, said in conclusion the Deputy Minister.

The MT CybEx training is intended for employees within the structure of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. Under the scenario, they work for the administration of an illusory country called Bulland which experiences migration pressure and faces presidential election as well as the Presidency of the Euroland Union.

The training began with the announcement in the social network of the terrorist organization Cyber dominant on imminent attacks on the cyber security of Bulland. The role of the good ones in this scenario played employees of MTITC as seven external IT experts assumed the role of the leader of the terrorist organization Al Hacker. Observers of the training are representatives of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), the Ministry of Defense, the NATO Center on crisis management for disaster response, the National Revenue Agency and the State Agency "National Security". The preliminary work for the training lasted 5 months. For the conduct of the event was used a specialized technology platform.