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Deputy Ministers Valery Borissov and Hristo Angelichin together with the Ambassador of Israel Irit Lillian validated a postage stamp


Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Valery Borissov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hristo Angelichin and the Ambassador of the State of Israel Irit Lillian validated a postage stamp. This is the first joint postal-philatelic edition between the two countries.

"The postal administrations of Bulgaria and Israel have chosen a beautiful symbol for joint philatelic edition. The birds are one of the few universal images of freedom, wisdom and happiness for all religions and peoples of the world ", said at the ceremony Deputy Minister Valery Borissov. According to him the white stork which decorates the joint postage stamp, flies every year between the latitudes of Bulgaria and Israel.

Deputy Minister Valery Borissov said that joint editions are the most appropriate way to celebrate the traditions of the relations between the countries and their peoples. He recalled that in Bulgaria in 1992 was put into circulation on the theme of the 500th anniversary of the settlement of the Sephardic Jews in Bulgaria and in 2003 and 2013 the Bulgarian Postage Stamp Issuing marked anniversaries of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews.