Driving tests in Sofia will be carried out in a renovated building

Driving tests in Sofia will be carried out in a renovated building, Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Georgi Todorov stated during the opening of the room in the Regional Department of EA “Road Transport Administration”. According to him, the new rooms of the test center are separated from the main building, where the employees of the regional department are located, which will separate the flows of people. "This will significantly improve the working environment of the employees, as well as the conditions for candidates during the theory tests", Georgi Todorov said.

The Minister pointed out that there is a place in the renovated building for the waiting candidates with an available bathroom as the easy access is provided for candidates with disabilities. "The capacity of each of the two rooms has been increased by two test seats - from 11 to 13. 6 groups pass the test per day in Sofia. With the new organization, 24 more candidates per day will be tested. We continue the renovation in other departments as well. There is already a new testing room in Blagoevgrad, together with a counter for processing of administrative documents", Minister Georgi Todorov added.

When the Minister was asked about tensions among the employees of port of Varna due to expected reductions, he said there would be no reductions of the port staff. "This decision of mine was announced during a meeting with CITUB. I told the same to the Board of Directors during my visit to the port. They should look for other reserves and opportunities for the development of the port", Minister Georgi Todorov said.