Four projects amounted to 207 million euros were submitted for approval under the Connecting Europe Facility

Four project proposals  were  submitted under the third invitation of the Connecting Europe Facility "Transport" sector (Cohesion package). Two projects were submitted by State Enterprise "Air Traffic Control", one of State Enterprise "National Company Railway Infrastructure" and one of "Road Infrastructure Agency". The total investment value is 207 million euros  and EU funding amounts to 85%.

State Enterprise "National Company Railway Infrastructure" apply with a project for the development of railway junction Plovdiv, which includes the rehabilitation and modernization of railway infrastructure in the areas of Plovdiv - Plovdiv distribution - Krumovo and Plovdiv distribution - Skutare. The project also envisages the construction of road break below the railway station Plovdiv, development tracks of railway stations within the scope of the project, removal of existing crossings and replacing them with overpasses. The total cost of the project proposal is 115 mln. euros by EU funding amounts to 85% or 98 mln. euros.

In the road sector has submitted a project for construction of stretch of highway "Kalotina - Sofia ring road." The project has a total value of 90 mln. euros as requested EU co-financing is less than 40 mln. euros. In the project proposal is included the construction of 15 kilometers of highway from Kalotina to  Dragoman. It is planned to be expanded and adjusted to places existing route to allow a speed of 100 km / h. The project envisages construction of two lanes with two traffic lanes and an emergency lane.

State Enterprise "Air Traffic Control" submitted for approval two projects related to optimization of services for air traffic management. Their total value is around 1.2 mln. euros, as requested EU co-financing is about 1 mln. Euros. The first project is to create a local operations center for information security, to ensure effective protection from cyber attacks. Its construction will ensure data security and infrastructure BULATSA and continuous service delivery. The second project proposal is to investigate the feasibility of introducing airspace for free programming than countries participating in the regional initiative Gate One.

This is the third invitation for proposals under the CEF sector "Transport", as guaranteed budget of the country under the Cohesion package is 406 mln. euros. Until now have been approved seven transport projects amounting to 294 mln. euros. The free resource with which our country disposes is 111 mln. euros. The results of the evaluation of the projects are expected to be announced in the middle of this year.