Georgi Todorov: We start the project for a railway connection between the station and the airport in Burgas

By the end of July, a public tender will be launched for the elaboration of a project for a railway connection between the station and the airport in Burgas. It will include all preparatory activities before the start of actual construction. This is what the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Georgi Todorov announced at his visit to Burgas railway station. The physical implementation of the project is set in the Transport Connectivity Program and is  undergoing approval by the European Commission, he added.

Minister Todorov, together with NRIC Director General Krasimir Papukchiyski, gave the "green light" to the project for construction of signaling and telecommunications systems in the direction from Plovdiv to Burgas.

"The rail traffic management system aims at achieving interoperability of railway networks in the European Union. Its implementation guarantees the unimpeded implementation of international rail transport on European corridors and liberalization of the railway transport market in Europe", Minister Todorov said. At the start of the construction works, the Minister explained that the deadline of the project is October 2023, and the financing worth BGN 185 million is under the OP "Transport and Transport Infrastructure".

During his visit to the city, Minister Todorov attended an inspection of the Road Transport Administration Executive Agency (RTAEA) for illegal transportation of passengers at Burgas Airport. The intensified inspections are part of the measures ordered by the Minister for a new organization of the control activity in the RTAEA. It is based on daily rotations of employees, as well as increased control over the unregulated transport of passengers in the areas of airports and border checkpoints throughout the country. The Minister was informed that by the inspection of 11 taxis, violations were found in 2. The inspections continue throughout the day together with DG Border Police.