Heavy vehicles pass the “Kulata” crossing border point according to the schedule negotiated by Minister Moskovski

The Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski received the assurances of the Greek authorities that the agreed daily passing of heavy vehicles across the “Kulata” crossing border point from 11:00 to 16:00 is respected. He monitors the situation at the Bulgarian-Greek border and is in constant contact with the governor of Blagoevgrad Bisser Mihaylov, as well as with representatives of the Greek state.

Minister Ivaylo Moskovski called on all hauliers travelling towards our southern neighbor to comply with the schedule concerning the passing of the “Kulata” crossing border point and to abide by the provisions of the Bulgarian and the Greek authorities. The Bulgarian state makes all possible efforts to restore free movement of goods and people across the border with Greece. However, all Bulgarian hauliers and nationals have to be aware that tomorrow (12 February) is expected a general national protest on the territory of the Hellenic Republic, which may cause serious difficulties to movement.