Hristo Alexiev: Preliminary preparations for evacuation of the crew of VERA SU made

Last night, all of the settings were made for the evacuation of the crew of the stranded ship VERA SU in the area of Yailata. "Actions are preventive, the State must have a preliminary plan and model of behavior, and not wait for the last moment", Minister Alexiev said. A team of nine climbers and divers have developed two parallel methods for possible evacuation - a cable car type "trolley" and a safety net.

Today, at a briefing of the Crisis Group, the Director General of the Emergency and Rescue Activity Directorate General at the Maritime Administration - Varna Rumen Nikolov reported that serious preparations have been made. The developed plan haд two main aspects - prevention of environmental pollution and possible evacuation of the crew of the stranded ship VERA SU in the area of Yailata.

It is planned to strengthen the vessel, as well as additional inspections, Rumen Nikolov said. According to him, at the moment there is no change in the position of the ship from the moment of stranding. A slit is visible on the bow of the vessel, but little water has penetrated and has not led to a violation of the integrity of the ship's barn. Prior to a subsequent attempt to release the ship, a diving inspection will be conducted again.

The Crisis Group announced that the State did not have the equipment to release VERA SU. Negotiations are also underway with specialized global marine salvage companies to be used if necessary.

There is preparedness for evacuation of the crew, which encompasses 20-30 minutes. Constant contact with the crew is taking palce and provisions are provided. A request for an opinion has already been sent to the owner of the ship for a possible evacuation, but he replied that the seafarers on board were safe.