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"Information Services" AD signed an agreement with CEC


"Information Services" AD signed an agreement with the Central Election Commission (CEC) on computer processing of the results of the election for president and vice president and the national referendum.

For the elections due to be held on November 6, 2016 the company will create 31 computational  points across the country and one central, situated in CEC, which will summarize and verify the processed information. In the process will be included over 900 experts who will deal with data entry, scanning of sectional protocols, summarizing the results and publication of the thorough information on the website of CEC.

It has already been provided online broadcasting and video archive of the meetings of the Regional Election Commissions, thus ensuring transparency and publicity of the work of the election administration locally.

"Information Services" AD has ensured the successful computer processing of the elections since 2003 and this time the company will face the challenge - elections and a referendum together.