Ivaylo Moskovski: Rogozen 1 dam is safe

Rogozen 1 dam is safe, emerged from the joint inspection of the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and communications Ivaylo Moskovski and the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov.

Minister Moskovski noted that 1500 reinforced concrete ties were laid as well as significant amount of rocks to strengthen the water basin, which proved effective and the basis laid remained intact in the heavy rains in the past week. “I would like to thank the experts from State Enterprise "Transport Construction & Rehabilitation" for their professionalism. They assured that they will complete the works within the 90 days”, added Minister Moskovski.

Minister Nikolay Nenkov announced that currently the dyke to the dam is secured and the spillway is already under reconstruction, which will ensure the normal water flow. “I am convinced that with Rogozen 1 dam all the problems will remain in the past and we will start the emergency works on Barzina dam”, further added Minister Nenkov.

Answering a journalist’s question on the accident at Konyovo Railway Station, Minister Moskovski commented that currently expert reports are being prepared and only after the specialized authorities complete them, the reason for the accident will be revealed. He recalled a similar accident a few years ago when experts concluded there was some malicious activity and that they do not rule out this scenario at this stage of investigation. The Minister announced that the railway team would be awarded for their great responsibility.

Ivaylo Moskovski highlighted that among the priorities of the government’s political agenda is the purchase of new rolling stock for BDZ. “We expect in a month or two to launch the tender for the purchase of some 41 new multiple unit trains, as their financing will be generated from the capital transfer of the company and the repayment is deferred for a 10-year period. In theory the first badge of trains could be delivered in Bulgaria in the next two and a half years”, added the Minister.