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Krassimir Kalaidjiev: We inspected all school buses and carriers


All school buses and companies engaged in transportation of children and pupils have been inspected before the beginning of the school year, stated the Executive Director of Executive Agency "Road Transport Administration" Krassimir Kalaidjiev today, during an inspection of school buses in the capital. This is part of the security measures and prevention in school transportation undertaken by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski.

Krassimir Kalaidjiev said they had checked all the 1251 buses that are registered to carry out school transportation. According to him the inspectors of Executive Agency "Road Transport Administration" supervised all companies that will carry children in the new school year. He added that the main purpose of this part of the inspection is to verify whether the carriers meet all the requirements and to pay attention to the technical condition of vehicles and their readiness to transport pupils.

Krassimir Kalaidjiev announced that there were 8 acts issued for committed violation. He explained that before the beginning of the school year most of the buses do not carry out operations and that is the reason the inspections were carried out in the enterprises and for committed omissions have been issued 69 prescriptions. In some of the vehicles is found that there are no technical inspections, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, signs "Transportation of children" and various documents, he added. For some buses are issued prescriptions for replacement of tires passing through authorized service repair, removal of various technical deficiencies and improvement of the external and internal view of the vehicles.

From today the inspections will continue on the road, the inspectors will monitor the technical condition of the buses and whether the prescriptions have been fulfilled, said the Executive Director of EA “Road Transport Administration”.