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The Law on electronic identification and the need for a Single system integrator are the two major changes in e-governance


The Law on electronic identification and the need for a Single system integrator are two major changes in e-government in 2015 . That said the Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Valery Borissov at the opening of the 17th Annual Conference on e-governance which is organized by ICT media.

We expect by the end of March the National Assembly to adopt the Law on electronic identification and the administrations will no longer have an excuse not to start changes in their information systems regarding work with new means of identification, added the Deputy Minister. In his words, the consideration of the bill in parliament goes without substantial amendments in the description of the technological part, so that the institutions may acquaint with it now.

"My personal belief is that the state needs a single system intergator or an operator or an administrator," said Valery Borissov. He stressed that the company "Information Services" AD has practically played such a role last year with its perfect reaction during the elections, as well as with the IT audit of the systems in one of the large ministries. The Deputy Minister addressed the business saying, "Information Services" is not your competitor but a partner”. He added that confidence in an institution depends on the transparency of administrating. "In 2015 for example, the financial results of "Information Services"are best compared to the previous 6 - 7 years. This proves that alike private companies and public companies can be managed very well. Besides, the company donated computers and Internet connectivity to 7 Bulgarian schools, 5 of which are situated in the Rhodope Mountains." Amid the deficit of 29,000 IT professionals in Bulgaria who have jobs opportunities but suitable candidates are absent, this is an example of an investment that will return repeatedly, concluded Deputy Minister Valery Borissov.