Minister Georgi Todorov approached EU Commissioner Adina Vălean on the free traffic flow of goods across European borders

Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Georgi Todorov sent a letter to EU Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean. The letter states that despite our common efforts for the implementation of the Green lanes, worrying situations have been witnessed at some intra-EU border crossing points, including between Bulgaria and Romania. The Bulgarian heavy goods vehicles have been caught in long queues and the cross-border circulation of goods between Bulgaria and Romania has been heavily impeded. The Bulgarian transport companies suffer substantial financial losses and face difficulties to pursue their business activities because of the problematic crossing.

Minister Georgi Todorov also said that the control measures should not undermine the continuity of economic activity and should preserve the operation of supply chains. Unobstructed transport of goods is crucial to maintain availability of goods, in particular essential goods.   

The Minister expressed confidence that the measures should be proportionate and coordinated in order to avoid the disruption of transport. He called on the Commissioner for urgent protection of the free traffic flow and for keeping the Green Lanes operational between Bulgaria and Romania in order to guarantee the smooth flow of goods and essential services in the Internal market.