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Minister Georgi Todorov visited Sofia Flight Training Center

Minister Georgi Todorov visited Sofia Flight Training Center

The Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Georgi Todorov visited the Simulation Center of the Air Transport Institute - Sofia Flight Training, and got acquainted with the system for training pilots and aircraft technicians for civil aviation.

Minister Georgi Todorov inspected the classrooms, the workshops for practical training of aircraft technicians and the full-flight simulators. He stated that the level of education and training met the highest European and world standards.

“Bulgarian aviation specialists have promoted themselves in leading companies around the world. The fact is that the aviation business has suffered a lot from the pandemic of COVID-19, which is why the Caretaker Government has pledged State Aid of up to BGN 30 million in the State Budget Act. The criteria for distribution of these funds will soon be clearly defined and distributed together with the aviation industry ", Georgi Todorov added.