Minister Georgi Todorov: We have received a world award for achievements in geographic information systems

The Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Georgi Todorov congratulated the team of the ministry, which administers the platform for technical infrastructure in the country. The single information point was awarded a prize in the prestigious international competition "Special Achievement in GIS 2021".

"The platform of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications has been selected from more than 100 000 systems around the world. It is based on the most innovative GIS solutions and guarantees transparency and accessibility for the business," commented the Minister.

The single information point integrates data for the entire technical infrastructure of the country - communications, water, gas, road, rail and electricity networks, heat energy transmission, street lighting etc. The platform provides information and coordination of the activities for the deployment of electronic communications networks between the various network operators. It is a prerequisite for reducing the costs of building and using infrastructure and efficiency of network operators' activities by sharing costs, combining administrative procedures related to the construction and operation, saving resources, including human, financial and time. The widespread deployment and use of high capacity networks will allow the introduction of new products, services and applications for the overall development of the digital single market.

As of mid-2021, 635 users have been registered in the Single Information Point. The database available at the SIP brings together 18 689 km of electronic communications network with 7 834 sites, 12 116 km infrastructure for deployment of electronic communications networks, which includes 151 741 sites, 194 km of electricity transmission and distribution network with 2 118 adjacent sites, and 4 216 km of railway network with 8 142 sites.