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Minister Ivaylo Moskovski handed over the annual awards for "Significant constructors in transport infrastructure"

Снимка: в. Строител

The Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski handed over the annual awards of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber in the category "Significant constructors in transport infrastructure." The ceremony took place within the traditional ball on the Day of the constructor - October 26.

"Each of you has contributed to the development of transport infrastructure and deserves respect and recognition", said at the awarding ceremony Minister Moskovski. He added that during the previous programming period have been invested more than 4 billion BGN only under OP "Transport". According to him, are due to be invested new 3.5 billion BGN to continue these investments. Minister Ivaylo Moskovski said that still next year will start the implementation of some of the most complex road and rail projects.

In his speech Minister Moskovski pointed out that along with construction, priority is the development of combined transport. "Soon we will open the first intermodal terminal constructed with European funds in Plovdiv", said the Minister.

First prize in the category "Significant constructors in transport infrastructure" got "HIDROSTROY" AD, second - "GBS - Infrastructure Construction" AD and third - "PST GROUP" EAD.