Minister Ivaylo Moskovski: I am against Illegal transport operation without a license, aimed at profit, not against the ridesharing websites

The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications and personally Minister Ivaylo Moskovski  support the righterous demands of the carriers addressed to the competent authorities – the Ministry of Interior, for control over the gray sector. During the ongoing public discussion on ridesharing Minister Moskovski has not spoken in favour of the ban of the websites for this type of travelling, at least because it is not within his competence. "I am against the Illegal transport operations carried out by individuals and companies without a license, aimed at illegal profits, but I have never been in favour of the ban of the websites where people agree carpooling in order to share transport costs", added Minister Moskovski.

"As a Minister of Transport, I am against the unauthorized transport operations, but I would like to recall Art. 166 of the Law on Road Traffic and Art. 7 "b" of the Law on Road Transport. In short, they provide that the officials from the Road Transport Administration have the right to stop vehicles for public transport on own account and vehicles with more than 8+1 seats. "Cheks of private vehicles are carried out by the Ministry of Interior, commented Minister Moskovski.