Minister Rossen Jeliazkov: In 2020 there will be “smart” cities in Bulgaria

In 2020, there will be “smart” cities in Bulgaria with fifth generation mobile networks. This was stated by  the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov during a discussion on “5G: Intelligent Transformation and Growth”. Representatives of the management of the Communications Regulation Commission, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the Ministry of Health, telecom operators and experts participated in the forum.

The speed of the deployment of 5G in Bulgaria is part of the European context, said Minister Jeliazkov. He said that the state, represented by the government and the regulator, could stimulate the development and deployment of networks. "It is clear that targeted investments cannot be other than market-oriented and in order to stimulate consumption, measures such as reducing the initial and annual fees levied on spectrum use will need to be considered," Rossen Jeliazkov said. He added that the Council of Ministers would make a change in the tariff of these fees as soon as possible.

Currently, the mode of construction of a mobile station is equated with the requirements for a hydro-electric power plant, the minister said. According to him, these procedures should be relaxed, but in compliance with sanitary and hygiene requirements. "We will reduce the administrative burden, but we will strengthen health controls," he explained. The Minister added that measures regarding spectrum tariffing and reducing administrative burdens, while maintaining all safety and health considerations, should be comprehensively considered and work within the system.

Minister Rossen Jeliazkov was adamant that cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of the new technology. "Not only should the integrity, accessibility, sustainability and privacy of the network be preserved, but the users and databases must be safeguarded. This critical infrastructure is linked to many services that are essential to society - electricity, energy, healthcare and more, ”he explained. In the final, the Minister stated that in terms of standardization and certification of services, processes and networks, industry and the state should go hand in hand.