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Minister Rossen Jeliazkov: Establishing an effective trade corridor in the Black Sea Region is the main challenge facing BSEC member states


Establishing an effective trade corridor in the region is the main challenge facing the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and it is possible only by joining all member states’ efforts. This was stated by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications at the opening of the informal meeting of transport ministers of the BSEC member states.

The event is chaired by Bulgaria and it is jointly organized with the Secretary General of BSEC His Excellency Michael Christides within the International Transport Forum (ITF) in Leipzig, May 22-24. The Secretary General of the International Road Transport Union (IRU), Umberto de Pretto and the Secretary General of the International Transport Forum (ITF), Yong Kim participated in the meeting by the invitation of Minister Jeliazkov.

The BSEC representatives’ meeting is part of the program of the Transport Ministers' Summit, also known as the “Davos of Transport”. It involves more than 1 000 delegates from over 70 countries and about 40 ministers who will discuss the transport connectivity and regional integration.

Minister Jeliazkov noted that in order to achieve an optimal integration of the transport networks it is necessary in parallel with the regional transport infrastructure development particular attention to be paid to the international projects within the Trans-European network and the Euro-Asian corridors in the territories of BSEC member states.

"Sustainable mobility and high efficiency can only be achieved if efforts are focused on overcoming the key challenges facing the sector. These include the modernization of infrastructure, introduction of intelligent transport systems, improvement of competitiveness of transport enterprises and reduction of the impact on the environment", added Rossen Jeliazkov.

In a conversation with Umberto de Pretto, Minister Jeliazkov said that Bulgaria is relying on the IRU to improve the legislative proposals on Mobility Package I in search of a fairer solution for the transport industry in peripheral Member States during the trialogues in the second half of the year.


The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization is one of the most important formats for regional cooperation that brings together EU and non-EU countries. Its main priority is to render assistance for better economic development of BSEC member states. Security and development of the Black Sea region, creation of favorable economic conditions - free economic zones, relaxation of travel regimes and fostering the exchange of goods and services between countries are the main goals of the organization. BSEC member states are as follows: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Serbia and Ukraine.