Minister Rossen Jeliazkov opened a renovated post office in Sarnitsa

Residents of Sarnitsa will use postal services in a renovated station, said Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov. Together with the mayor of the municipality Nebi Bozov and the executive director of Bulgarian Posts Deyan Duneshki, he opened the administrative building of the municipality in which the post office is located. The ceremony was also attended by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Khalil Letyfov. The building has been renovated under the "Beautiful Bulgaria" program.

Minister Jeliazkov also said that the inhabitants of the youngest municipality - Surnitsa, actively use traditional postal services. According to him, the station serves about 3500 people. In 2018, they sent and received about 20,000 letters. In the mail, many modern services such as wire transfers, utility payments and electronic vignettes are also being carried out in the mail, the minister added. Rossen Jeliazkov also stressed that the employees of the municipality of Sarnitsa administer the activities entirely by electronic means.