Minister Sabev: The key to turning Ruse into a European transport hub is to deal with traffic on the Danube Bridge

Detailed analysis of all possibilities is necessary and the most practical option for solving the problems with crossing the Danube Bridge near Ruse has to be chosen. This is what the Minister of Transport and Communications Nikolay Sabev stated today in the framework of his visit to the Danube Bridge border checkpoint to assess on the spot the ideas for improvements in transport connectivity proposed in the framework of yesterday's public discussion in the Danube city. According to him, the key to turning Ruse into a European transport hub is dealing with traffic on the Danube Bridge. "I expect this to happen by the beginning of the spring of next year, before the most intensive movement of people and goods on European roads has begun", Nikolay Sabev said.

Minister Nikolay Sabev discussed with employees of the responsible institutions every stage of truck handling – from entering the border control zone to leaving the country. The Minister noted that it was necessary to improve the efficiency of the organization of light and heavy traffic. He took the engagement to ensure greater efficiency in decision-making in order to solve the long-standing problem of constant traffic jams in the area and the accumulation of trucks on the road between Ruse and Marten.

"If we want to turn Ruse into a European logistics center, the door to Europe must be open. A procedure will be developed to facilitate the transportation of goods and the passage of passengers. If the system, which will contain a set of measures, works, it will be applied at other border crossings in the country. At this stage we expect concrete proposals from all responsible institutions and branch organizations to be included in the final decisions", Minister Nikolay Sabev said.

The Minister pointed out that the concentration of goods and passengers from road, rail, river and air transport in Ruse obliges the current leaders in the Municipal and State Authorities to deal with the current difficulties. He also pointed out that upon entering Bulgaria, the trucks were processed extremely quickly, within 3 to 4 minutes. According to him, as well as according to the Regional Governor Borislav Bulgarinov, two more weighing facilities should be opened at the entrance and exit of the Romanian side, as well as a second point of the Romanian tax service – ANAF (National Agency of Fiscal Administration).

The Regional Governor Borislav Bulgarinov announced that the possibilities for investment in the construction of a roundabout at the first junction for the town of Marten were being studied, as an additional measure in support of the policy for effective management of heavy goods traffic,.

The overhaul of the Danube Bridge near Ruse is expected to begin in early 2023. During the reconstruction of the facility, the movement of cars and trucks will be stopped in stages, so that traffic will not be further hindered. The ferry between Ruse and Giurgiu is expected to be operational by the start of the repair works, and the first courses on the line are expected to be implemented in the spring of next year.

Minister Sabev also visited the Ro-Ro Terminal. He got acquainted with the possibilities of the built infrastructure, as well as with the condition of the administrative buildings. It is expected that there will be two buffer car parks, where the trucks will wait before being loaded for Romania and after unloading on Bulgarian territory. Preliminary estimates indicate that about 200 trucks will be able to pass in one direction per day. The Minister also thanked the Regional Governor Borislav Bulgarinov and the Mayor of Rousse Municipality Pencho Milkov for their assistance in helping solve some of the transport problems in the region.

"The coalition agreement of the government envisages the construction of four bridges over the Danube River, and one of them is planned to be built near Ruse", Minister Nikolay Sabev said.