Minister Sabev: We are creating conditions for aviation industry rise

We are starting to work for creating conditions for the rise of the aviation industry as part of the country's transport system. This is what the Minister of Transport and Communications Nikolay Sabev stated in the National Assembly in the framework of a meeting with MPs, representatives of the aviation sector and the management of DG Civil Aviation Administration, Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA) and the State Aviation Operator.

"These are the first steps we are making with part of the aviation business, which marks the beginning of a long-term cooperation. There are more meetings with all organizations in the aviation industry to outline the priorities and urgent issues that lie ahead. We will work transparently and openly in resolving strategically important issues for air transport. We will use a new economic approach in which all companies will be treated equally. Our goal is to develop all transport sectors so as to achieve better transport connectivity", Minister Nikolay Sabev said.

In the framework of the talks, the issue was raised for the allocation of financial assistance of BGN 60 million to support airlines. The Minister pointed out that the funds had been transferred to the budget of the Ministry. After the completion of the procedure for approval of the aid by the European Commission, the application and the allocation of the funds to the carriers would start. "The Bulgarian State has provided an opportunity to support the sector, but this must be done in compliance with the requirements of the European Union legislation", Nikolay Sabev added.

Regarding the improvement of the work of the administration, Minister Nikolay Sabev said that they were working to increase the efficiency of the administration so that everything becomes faster and more transparent. "In order to deal with this issue, it is necessary to review the entire system in cooperation with the business entities, in order to take the best decisions for the development of the Bulgarian aviation", the Minister added.