Ministry of Interior, Road Transport Administration EA and National Revenue Agency with joint action against unregulated taxi transport in Sofia

The Ministry of Interior, the Road Transport Administration Executive Agency and the National Revenue Agency carried out a specialized operation against unregulated taxi transport in Sofia. The inspections were carried out today through the use of the "mystery shopper" scheme. Teams from National Police General Directorate, Economic Police, Road Transport Administration Regional Directorate - Sofia and National Revenue Agency took part in the action. They focused on illegal action through a mobile application that works mainly in the country's major cities and offers a wide range of transport services, including taxi transport. The inspections were carried out at three locations in the capital. It was found out that the drivers worked with their personal cars, did not issue payment documents and did not have a license to carry passengers for a fee.

In the framework of the action, three drivers were identified who carried out illegal transportation of passengers by cars. The drivers were sanctioned and the vehicles were prohibited, the license plates were removed and the documents of the cars were confiscated. Operational action continues.