More than 150 Bulgarian municipalities can apply for funding from the second free wireless internet contest

After 43% of Bulgarian municipalities have won funding for high-speed wireless internet in public places, now more than 150 municipalities can participate in the second phase of the WiFi4EU initiative.

The competition will be open on April 4, 2019 at 14:00 GMT (13:00 Central European Time). This time, the budget is € 51 million and will give you 3 400 vouchers. The maximum percentage of funding each country can win is increased from 8 to 15% of the total funding. This means that each country can receive a maximum of 510 vouchers amounting to € 15,000. For comparison, in the first competition, the budget was € 42 million, with 2,800 vouchers distributed, with a maximum country count of 224.

The competition will be open for participation until 5 pm on 20 April 2019. The "first-come, first-served" principle, subject to geographic balance, continues to apply.

The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications is in continuous correspondence, both with the municipalities that have won funding in the first competition and with the potential candidates for the second stage.