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MTITC presented to the mobile and cable operators the forthcoming amendments to the Electronic Communications Act

МТИТС представи предстоящите промени в Закона за електронните съобщения

The forthcoming amendments to the Electronic Communications Act, which introduce the rules of the European Code for Electronic Communications in the national legislation, have been presented to the telecommunications operators.

The proposed texts encourage enterprises to invest in new infrastructure for the deployment of very high capacity networks (download speeds of at least 100 Mbps), including in more remote areas. The changes are aimed at providing regulatory predictability for the provision of radio spectrum for wireless broadband.

The protection of end users is guaranteed regardless of the type of communication services they use (traditional calls, SMS or web based services - Skype, WhatsApp, etc.). The change of service provider will be facilitated, the protection of end-users of bundled services will be improved, tariff transparency will be improved and the contractual offers will be compared. In the event that the user uses the Internet, mobile and fixed services, he will be able to change the provider of any of the individual components, paying a penalty only for the part that he transfers to a competing operator.

The Electronic Communications Act will include the Internet in the scope of universal service, so that the worldwide network is accessible to all users, regardless of their location or income. This will give equal access to eGovernment services.

The presentation of the upcoming changes aims to provide predictability for the expected changes in the sector, as well as to take into account the views of the stakeholders so that the legal changes will have a positive effect on the future development of electronic communications in the country.