MTITC will explain to mayors how to get euro funding for the Internet and reduce infrastructure costs

The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC) invites mayors from all over the country to attend the Informational day of the initiative of the Council and the European Parliament - WiFi4EU (free access to wireless internet). The purpose of the forum is to acquaint local government representatives with the opportunity to get funding for projects for free access to the World Wide Web. The European Commission will provide 100% of project cost and the beneficiaries will be provided with vouchers amounting to 20,000 EUR.

Within the Information Day the project "Building a GIS based electronic platform "Single Information Point" will be presented. It is implemented by MTITC with the financial support of the Operational Program on "Good Governance". An electronic register will be set up for the existing and planned telecommunication infrastructure and for the construction of electronic communications networks with minimal capital expenditures.

The Information Day will take place on 22 August at 9.30 am in the House of Europe, Sofia, 124 "G. S. Rakovski” Str. More information about the topics of the event and the registration for participation can be found on the website of MTITC /bg/informacionni-tehnologii/aktualno-v-it/mtits-startira-proekt-za-izgrazhdane-na-gis-bazirana-elektronna-platforma-edinna-informacionna-tochka