The phased lifting of the counter blockade has begun following talks between Minister Moskovski and the Bulgarian carriers

The phased lifting of the counter blockade imposed by the Bulgarian carriers as a countermeasure against the continuing for weeks closing of border crossing points by protesting Greek farmers has begun. This was announced by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Ivaylo Moskovski today in Burgas. According to him, his call is a sign of humanity to these 7-8000 people who distress all week.

Minister Moskovski added that he personally talked to the carriers and asked them to exempt the border in order to be provided help to people who distress on both sides and cannot cross the border.  "I was informed by phone that the phased lifting of the counter blockade has begun and I reckon that until tomorrow a significant part of the column of waiting vehicles will be able to cross the border. From then on, it depends on the Greek farmers whether or not the border will continue to be open”-he said. “It cannot be claimed that they would do the same, but I hope they understand, that the situation is critical”-said Minister Moskovski in a response to a journalist’s question.