A postcard is dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the birth of Vassil Levski

A postcard dedicated to the 180th anniversary of Vassil Levski's birth is from today part of the rich philatelic series of the Apostle of Freedom. The validation seal was placed in Karlovo by Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Angel Popov and by the Mayor of the Municipality Dr. Emil Kabaivanov.

The first postal-philatelic edition of Vassil Levski dates back from 1929 and is part of a series dedicated to the 50-th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria, said during the ceremony Deputy Minister Angel Popov. It became clear of his words that the latest postcard was created by the artist Professor Plamen Valchev, who is dedicated to recreating the image of Levski in fine arts. "Regardless of the collector's edition of 617 pieces, by the latest postal-philatelic edition the image of Vassil Levski will move around the world. Thus, the Bulgarians abroad will also mark the 180th anniversary of the birth of the most prominent national hero", said Deputy Minister Angel Popov.