The release of Vera SU ship is technically secured

The operation to release the stranded cargo ship Vera SU is technically secured. Pursuant to an order of the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Hristo Alexiev, the logistics plan is in force and is strictly implemented. The stranded cargo ship Vera SU was fortified with the spare anchors delivered this morning. The aim is to avoid possible displacement of the vessel in case of worsening weather conditions.

A diving inspection of the entire rocky area was performed to refine the operation and place the anchors and equipment. A second additional inspection was made, during which a safe lane for positioning the 100-ton floating crane was determined and marked. Currently, the crane, together with a safety tug, is passing Cape Kaliakra and is expected to be in the area of Yailata at 17.00 o’clock.

A 15-ton machine for filling bags with a capacity of 1 ton each is mounted on the crane deck. The products will be exported and stored at the Port of Varna until the shipowner fully reimburses the costs incurred by the State.

As the operation proceeds, it is planned to have a second crane, placed on a floating platform, which will transfer the cargo to the barge that will transport it.

With sufficient load removal from the stranded ship, it will be possible to release the vessel out of the rocks with two tugs.

Water samples are taken daily in the region of the Yailata area, which to date do not show any presence of pollution.

"The State managed to elaborate a procedure and technology for resolving the emergency situation within two days", Minister Alexiev said and expressed wonder that so far there had been no management decision to act in similar situations.