Report of the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov for 2019

The National Assembly adopted some of the laws so important for the Transport, Information Technology and Communications Sectors that allow for better regulation of public relations and better law enforcement. This was stated by Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov during a report on the activities of MTITC before the beginning of the Council of Ministers meeting today. He cited the Road Transport Act, the Railway Transport Act, the Maritime Spaces Act, the Postal Services Act, the Electronic Governance Act and the Concessions Act as an example.

The Operational Program on Transport and Transport Infrastructure is currently moving steadily - 86% of contracted funds, 55% of concluded contracts, 36% of paid resource. This has allowed major investments in major infrastructure dimensions, rail infrastructure, road infrastructure and the metro metropolitan area. Construction works at the Zheleznica Railway tunnel go successfully, telecommunication and signaling implementation of the Plovdiv-Burgas railway line is successful, the Skutare-Orizovo railway section is going successfully, we have concluded a contract and the implementation began of the important railway section Elin Pelin-Kostenetz, in the part of Elin Pelin-Vakarel," said the Minister in connection with the implementation of projects financed by European funds.

Rosen Zhelyazkov noted that in terms of port infrastructure, for the first time in decades, a major project has been launched to improve the infrastructure of Varna Lake and Beloslav Lake. "This is the deepening that will create a huge opportunity for all port operators on the territory of the largest Bulgarian port to increase their competitiveness. It is the import and export of goods by water in Bulgaria," added the Minister.

"Although the concession project at Sofia Airport has not yet been completed, it is admittedly, together with the legislative regulation, and the government's efforts to implement this largest open and transparent procedure, with the assurance of our World Bank and European Bank partners for reconstruction and development, I believe in the successful completion in the coming months of this major project," said Rossen Jeliazkov regarding the development of the airport infrastructure.

He added that the concession analyzes have been completed and the concession for the Plovdiv Airport, as well as the concessions for the other ports on the Black Sea - part of Bourgas, Varna-West, the ports on the Danube, is forthcoming.

"In terms of operations, this year is difficult for BDZ, so it will be in the next few months, but sustainability is guaranteed. Efforts were made for better management, better operation and better repair. In practice, all rolling stock repair contracts have been implemented. There is no shortage of wagons. Next year we expect new wagons, as well as contracts for new rolling stock, 10 new locomotives and no less than 16 motors. The efforts of the company are aimed at optimization, there are practically no outstanding obligations to the state on the part of BDZ and NRIC. These companies are debt-free after nearly 10 years, allowing their restructuring to ensure sustainability by 2030," the Minister said.

In conclusion, he expressed confidence that next year would be better than this year.